2012 Graduation Mass at St. Joseph Church

It's graduation week here on the blog and what better way to kick off MONDAY with a GRADUATION MASS AT St. Joseph Church! I must admit, I woke up Sunday morning, depressed from our loss to West and even more sad about the idea of pot luck and me having nothing in the house to offer for that. PLUS, YIPES! We didn't have our NHS Collar that we were borrowing from The Heinrich's. So double YIPES. But modern technology helped. We texted the Heinrich's and scooted by their house on the way to mass.

Crisis adverted.

And despite being so tired, I'm so glad we went. We are definitely blessed by our church!

I became Catholic in this church, married in this church, baptized my babies in this church, Kalyn was confirmed in this church.

IN THIS CHURCH is our life. Literally. Did you get that pun? LOL

These kids, minus Danielle Schwertner, who could not be with us because she is KICKING BUTT at STATE UIL, have known each other since birth. They went to St. Joseph school together in preschool and have grown up together. Sure, they've graduated from different schools. The ones in Red, Slaton. The ones in Black, Good Ole' Cooper High, but church binds us together and church will always be there for you.

Congratulations St. Joseph 2012 GRAD KIDS!!

We love you!!!!

From Left to Right in the picture below, right:

Jayton Jones, Timothy Schwertner, Kalyn Bednarz, Kaleb Heinrich, Rebekah Linder