Kalyn goes to Cooper Prom wearing Justin Bieber purple!

After beating ANDREWS Saturday morning, it was time for prom. So Kalyn scrubbed the dust off, painted her nail (thank you, Brooke) and got ready for the Cooper Prom! You have to ask her how he asked her to prom. It's a great story with suspense and fun and several people involved. Maybe I'll get her to share it sometime here.

Anyway, we were at the salon until 5:18 and had to be at Boo's house for pictures by 6 PM. Yeah, not much time for makeup and getting dressed (hello Justin Bieber purple...what else?!!?) and of course we were the last one to arrive. But hey, they did have a professional light chaser shooting them, so HELLO! No worries there.

I'm not sure if Kalyn has ever penned a boutonniere one before. And Grant's was definitely different. I knew a flower would not hold up on this fella at all. So I had Kelley, work a little something up. It turned out GREAT! And would last through hugs, dancing, and head banging. So Grant was good to go.

The girls looked AMAZING and they guys? Total studs.



Pretty Bailee getting help from her momma. Casey was CRACKING me up! We then spent a few minutes outside to photograph couples, dresses, and mayhem. With these guys, there's always mayhem. LOL

These girls play some mean S ball and clean up pretty darn good, thank you.


Brooke, my niece was in town for the weekend and helped us get ready. Jack and Summer were home helping me with stuff that so needed to be done. Prom Party after party is at my house!

I can't remember what was said. But, I had said something about studs and then some dad told Grant that he better get out of the shot then. I'm thinking it may have been his dad? No? Or maybe his cousin? HELLO! This was the image taken after the remark. Cute!

I ADORE this one below!!!! Prom is such an exciting time and the guys like to act like it's not but it's such a rite of passage. A guy and a girl, dancing, one of your last social events for high school. It's hard to be serious for the photographer apparently. LOVE IT!

They are just so much fun!We had to get the bunch together. Great group of kids for sure!

Oh, Dakota. YOU SLAY ME. LOL I swear this kid will have his own TV show someday and I'll pull out all my old photos to sale to the National Inquirer. LOL Bailee, how you like your Prom Date?

And then he does this. Too cute.

Boo and her bro, Heath who graduated from Texas A + M the day before. Way to go Heath!

Have a great night at Prom, Miss Marie! I love you!!!

You are GORGEOUS!!!