Ali, Senior 2012


I met Ali through her cousin, Terri. Terri has cute kids and is married to a man my husband grew up with. Small world when you are growing old.

You can view Terri's familyHEREand HERE. There's another one in there somewhere, but the link isn't working.

My point is I love families. The good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. ALL of it makes us who we are. All of it, weaves it's threads in our hearts, souls and minds. We can't help ourselves by being connected. We can listen to our own spirit inside, that voice, and follow it and love it and share it with others. It's how the world goes around.

Terri tagged along with us last night, loaned us shoes, helped fix hair and most of all, cheered us on. Me and Ali.

Ali is beautiful. And amazing at posing and standing and moving and laughing.

Oh, and amazing at lipstick. Just check these kissers out on the close ups. HELLO!






A session isn't quite the same without the undeniably name-like Annie Grace. PERFECTION every time.