Lubbock Cooper Award Ceremony 2012


We had a fabulous night last night!

It was Lubbock Cooper Award's Ceremony for 2012. With Kalyn being a Senior, it was the start of all the end of year activities. Much of these activities might be interrupted by softball playoff games, and you know what? We are OK with that.

Congratulations to all the award recipients last night! Super proud of these peeps!



This was so funny! Can you see Mr. Spears in the background? He was introducing our exchange students and this girl here, from Italy I believe? She was asked to share a favorite memory. I'll try and paraphrase as I was LMBO and could hardly catch my breath to remember exactly how she said this.


During her first few weeks of school here she was in English class working on an assignment and asked for another male student for a rubber. Which means eraser back home, but here in the states? CONDOM. She told this story so bluntly and matter of fact and with perfect comedic timing I might add, that we all just CRACKED UP.

Obviously! From the looks of the peeps in the next photo where she's receiving her letterman's jacket.


Check out all the administration and faculty trying to hide their laughing!!!

LOVED this moment! And this girl would make a most excellent dinner date.


Kalyn wowed all the family on our row by taking #1 of her class! HELLO! We had no idea. I don't think she did either. Great moment and I have to say I yelled a bit from my seat. Yep. I did.



Kalyn came in 2nd!!!

HELLO! Super proud as this has been one tough year.

She letters and plays in 2 sports that consume much of her days from October - June. She has practice and has managed to hold on to a top GPA all 4 years of school.

I'm one proud momma!

And these three beauties?

Best of friends. I love these girls! The support each other, they help each other. They compete, yes, but to be the best they can be. NOT better than their friend.

Super proud of my Kalyn Marie and her friends!!!

Well done!!!



Love this moment below between Grace and Kalyn.



The Kelcey Vines Memorial Scholarship is always a bittersweet moment. Natalie Kitten and Danielle Schwertner were the recipients this year. Way to go Girls!!!!



Casey Owens and Brittney Bednarz are Mr. and Miss Lubbock Cooper High School.

And one of my favorite parts of the awards night is seeing all the cute outfits and shoes. HELLO! It's like a fashion show. And my girls? They did not dissapoint! Thank you, Grandma for helping this busy momma out and taking my babies shopping. The looked FABULOUS! And Kalyn only had 20 minutes tops to even get ready coming from a a sweaty, dirty softball practice.



Congrats Owens Family!!!



LOVE THESE BALLERS!!!! Go Lady Pirates!



I was laughing at this photo below. It's the Seniors AND Dakota in a T-shirt. LOL LOVE!



Eric on the left, he's headed to UT as well! LOVE these three. Rebekah and Kalyn go WAY back. They've been friends a long time and I'm so proud of Rebekah following her dream! The girl is headed to CO to study culinary skills and business. BRAVO!


So dang proud of these girls!

Oh, and I can't forget Mr. Enloe. HELLO! 3rd time CHAMP! He was voted BEST TEACHER for the 3rd year STRAIGHT! He's been a super great support of my two girls and our sports loving family just loves him! I still owe you a steak dinner. We have to get together soon.



A great night! Lots of accomplishments! So proud of my girls! Devin and I are super blessed with these two. I'd like to say they get it from me, but seriously? I was never this smart. Ask them. They definitely do not come to me for homework help. LOL

And special thanks to Lubbock Cooper High School faculty and staff. You've helped mold my beauties! Most of you have been completely supportive and wonderful to my girls!!!

We love our Pirate Nation!!!





Here's a fun little video of Mr. Enloe.