Softball pictures I forgot...LADY PIRATES DISTRICT CHAMPS!!!!!


Oh, Lord. The Lady Pirates are DISTRICT CHAMPS and I completely forgot to share the spoils of our victory!!! I was inSynder last night watching/photographing the Lady Pirates vs Wall in a practice game before we hit playoffs. A dad of one of the players admitted to joining facebook only so he could view pictures and asked me if I had posted the Estacado game photos. GASP! I had not. (Thank you for the reminder, Mark!!!) I blame the cupcakes that Juli brought. You'll have to scroll down to see them, but she's the ultimate team mom. We have several "ultimates" on our team. I try to make up for my lack helping much by photographing the girls and plastering them all over this blog and facebook. I fear they may be a team mom revolt and I will be kicked out of the "cool kids" club soon. If you don't hear from me during playoffs next week, come looking. I'm sure my body will be stashed under some softball bleachers somewhere. LOL

Enjoy the photos!



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