Relay for Life 2012, we have a winner!

Last night after the softball game, Summer and I headed to the Relay for Life in Lubbock. We wanted to be a part of Randy's Team. Randy was Toni and Brittany's dad. The Hays Family is known by many here in Lubbock, and Toni is my best friend, so I couldn't NOT make it.

Besides, I heard it through the grapevine that they were crowning a Miss Relay 2012 last night. I couldn't miss something so prestigious as Miss Relay 2012!

I've participated in this great cause before. It's tons of fun and so much to do and watch. I'm only sorry I missed most of the festivities. I could only come for a couple of hours due to work and softball.

Thank you, Toni for all your hard work!!!!

RIP Randy Hays