Last Home Game

The Lady Pirates, and my daughter Kalyn Marie, Class of 2012 played their last home game at last night. We had a special little ceremony for the girls and their parents before the game. My photographer friend, Toni came to photograph. Thank you, Toni. I didn't cry. I know, I'm usually a sap at things, but I didn't. I think it was because I kept the camera at my side and shot anyway. That always helps with emotions.

Here are the moms of the seniors below getting our "game faces" on. LOL


I love that our team prays before the game. We are blessed here in the Pirate Nation.

Bree Coons below with her mom and dad, Lecretia and Mark.

Kacy Springer and her mom and dad, Julie and Mark.

Miss Hanna Limmer and her mom and dad, Cari and Bryan.Boo and Burt and Shelley.

And then US! HELLO! Self portrait time. How'd I do?

I loved their face paint. So cool. The girls were in all black. They planned these bad ass outfits to go with their bad ass attitudes. All the way to STATE girls!


Our pretty coaches and trainer, from left to right just in case you aren't on facebook where I tagged them earlier, Randi Trew, Sara Cayton, and Jessica Dilley. Great group of peeps!!! Um, side note...just in case your an eligible bachelor blog reader? A few of the faces below are single. Just saying...


Our lovely seniors!!!!

Game time...

I took lots of video last night and posted a fun little movie on my facebook page. How cool is iMovie?


Coach Winton was in great spirits. Of course the girl's played great and you can always expect smiles from a job well done.

Kacy showing off the face black. :)

Kalyn helmet.

sniff sniff


Okay, must confess. When I was going through these images, I teared up a bit. Kalyn has had a rough year and I haven't shared much with you here on the blog for her sake. But she recently opened up about some of it in a paper she had to write for a scholarship, so I can maybe share after graduation. All I can say right now, it's nice to have my Kalyn back. Depression is a tough thing for everyone. Not just the person going through it.

That's all for now.

LOVE the afternoon light at this field.

belly slide!

The grand stands. We had a full house last night! Thank you everyone for coming and supporting our team!!!!

And the BEST subjects to have in front of a camera. OH, my! These girls can give and give and give.

On the left, Ella, Coach Winton's little girl and the right? Miss Oliva. Big sister is our 2nd baseman, Abbi White.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the shot below. I have 100's I could share. NOT KIDDING.

My favorite SOFTBALL GIRLS (and Coach). He rarely gets in group shots even when asked. So I didn't. Ask that is last night. He did it on his own. I know he's proud of these girls just like we are sure proud of him. Thank you Coach Winton!


And here's quite a few of familiar faces. LOVE these guys for showing up and cheering on our girls. They even managed to dance a jig or two last night. Just go check out that facebook link above to see it. LOL


Lady Pirate Softball Team? It's been a hard long haul these 4 years. Lots of dirt. Lots of blood. Lots of tears. It ended before it should have last year. LET's NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. Keep rolling with the laughter and the love and your AWESOME spirits and friendship will take you far!!!!

We love you!!!!

Mom and Dad