the one with Lavanya and the leaves, an Indian Wedding


Between laundry, emails, grad announcements, and orders, I'm working on Lavanya and Angad's Saturday Indian Wedding Sneak Peek. Say that fast 5 times. HA! Leaves were a big part of the day. I'm continuing my reading of the customs and traditions of a Indian Wedding and found this little tidbit that explains some of what I witnessed Saturday.

"Whoever offers a leaf, flower, a fruit or even water with devotion, that I accept lovingly; offered as it is with a loving heart."

with devotion

Such a wonderful thought. WITH DEVOTION is the key part here. If you are offering anything with devotion, then it is offered with a loving heart. There is no way LOVE can not be a part of devotion. Just can't. And because we know that LOVE is the greatest of all things, how awesome is a leaf?


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