Brett, a Cooper 2012 Graduate (and his baby bro) TANDEM


Tina, Brett's Mom, was supposed to go with us. But she couldn't because of a bank robber. CLICK HERE FOR STORY

Wow. Never thought I'd type those words on a blog. I asked if she wanted to reschedule, and she said no. She'd try to meet us. She never got the chance. I'm not even sure she's home right now. But she wanted a few shots with Brett and his bro, Jordan. His baby brother, Jordan. And I probably took way more than what she wanted. But HELLO! I soooo couldn't help myself. Just scroll through all these kick butt images and you tell me which one you'd trash. No way. I just kept snapping and snapping. They kept giving me more and more.

Thanks guys, for working like pro's and making my job easy.

Super cute. Super great.