Do you want to go to prom?

I have heard of creative ways to propose. I've even photographed a few. But lately, I've been hearing a lot about creative ways to ask a girl to prom. Back in my day, a guy just asked you. Usually in person, in the hallways at school, over lunch, even during a make out in the car in the front driveway of your house. But lately, I've watched the video's on facebook, even twitter reports (nicely done, McClane Sanderson), so when I heard through the grapevine that Casey was going to ask Boo to prom. HELLO! I had to be there. I texted to get the details and was ready after the game.

Boo is dear to our family. Very dear to me. Yes, her and Kalyn are good friends, teammates, confidants. But she's also family, my crazy person, my "foxy brown". LOL And Casey? Casey is the ALL AMERICAN boy. He's super sweet, super cute and just a great guy. I had to photograph this!!!

After our win against Estacado, he was ready with a sign. Which wasn't so out of character for Casey. He's been at our games before cheering and with signs in hand. And we had one a big win tonight! I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Casey? Well done. :)



Casey, waiting with the rest of the fans. We all tend to congregate outside the dugout, you know to give hugs, pats on the back, etc. Most of the team and a few of us parents knew what was coming, so we were all excited and waiting. We even got very quiet at one point which is so not us, so we kept laughing and reminding ourselves to talk so Boo wouldn't think something was up.


I love this team! Check out Bailee below. They are so used to me having a camera in their faces. HELLO!



Kalyn scored our 1 run tonight. She had a beautiful hit! I'll post game photos next.



Check out Pam's face above. She knows. Everyone's just waiting to watch.



Hannah and Boo are the BEST of friends. She knew what was up. At this point most of the team had exited the dug out. But Boo was icing her shoulder, so we are all just waiting. SUSPENSE.



Here she comes! Of course, everyone's congratulating here and giving her hugs for a well pitched game.

Casey was so smart.

He had a sign for her and showed her and asked to take a picture of her with it so it wouldn't make her think something was up.



So, I photographed it.



But he made TWO signs. And this is Boo reading it. LOVE her expression!!!!


So sweet.



She slimed him with her face black. LOL



Nice job, Casey!

Can't wait to see you two dressed up!