Shelbi, Cooper Senior 2012

I can hear the wind beating against my front window in the office and I'm so thankful it wasn't blowing like this last night. It was blowing, don't get me wrong, but for the most part, we could still shoot. I'm sure her curls were in a tangled mess by the time she arrived home, but sometimes, wind is a good thing. Did I just type that?

Shelbi is graduating from Cooper this year and I photographed her sister a year ago. It's always fun to catch up with siblings and find out what they are up to. Apparently, stealing clothes and taking names. Typical sibling stuff. We've got it in the Bednarz Home as well.

Enjoy this sneak peek, Shelbi. You did awesome!



PS Scroll down and see the images on the corner in the white skinny jeans? Oh, yes. I totally stole the idea for that shot from Lissa Anglin. Let me see if I can find the link to the image I saw she made that took my breath away. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Here's the inspiration shot. Thank you, Lissa!