My expensive ass dog, Kanga.

Whatever happened to Kanga?

You may have heard me reference Kanga in an earlier post. But I haven't spoken much about it. Mainly because I felt like such a fool. I mean, I'm responsible for this dog. That's what having a pet means. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for it's life, it's well being, it's health. Much like a child, you are responsible. That's just the way it is.

We were guilty of not keeping her on a leash. Lazy really, let the dog walk itself. I see lots of dogs in our neighborhood walking themselves.

On Valentine's day, she got hit. Our neighbor straddled her with the front tires, but ran over her with the back tires of an SUV. No golf cart, a BIG CAR. I didn't see it happen, but I heard it and opened the door right away. She was spinning and crying in the middle of the road. I ran and scooped her up and put her in the kennel and raced her to the animal hospital. We arrived in under 10 minutes. Above and Beyond is right down the road from me.

Have you ever taken a dog to the animal hospital? Fun stuff, let me tell you. First of all, it's not like an ER where you race in and they immediately start working on the accident victim. Nope. At the animal clinic, they go over the money issue with you before they start working on your dog. They entire time you are sitting there in a panic, crying, sobbing more like it, just shaking your head and screaming YES. I'll pay. I'll pay. Just don't make me call my kids and say our dog has died.

Of course I said yes. I mean, it was my fault, right? The dog was outside NOT ON A LEASH, go ahead, charge me the moon. I'm guilty! I'll pay!

I'm also crying heavily in a waiting room. So much so, they send in a worker to hug me, give me water, a box of kleenex and to share with me her dog stories so I won't kill myself with the guilt.

They give Kanga oxygen and hook her up to an IV and start to work on her.

The hit broke her pelvis in 3 places. And the bone that splintered, pierced her bladder and tore a hole so that her urine was leaking into her bloodstream and she was one sick puppy for a few days. Very sick. I would visit and look at her and feel absolutely HORRIBLE . Eventually they operated on her, repaired her bladder and a few days later, we brought her home with staples that ran the length of her belly and the cone of shame. They operated and we brought her home and gulped when we saw the bill. Okay, I gulped. Devin? He screamed a lot. I can't blame him. I won't list the price here, but HELLO! I think my first C-section was cheaper.


Anyway, all this is to say that Kanga is doing much better. She's home with us and recuperating.

We do have a complication from the surgery. Kanga was always a little gassy before, but since the surgery, she's developed reflux. We have to give her meds twice a day and puree her food and SLOW down her eating. If not, you will have piles of dog vomit all over your house. And why? Why does a dog that lives in a house with TONS of square footage of laminate flooring vomit on the one area rug in the living room? WHY?


If any blog readers have a dog with reflux, please shoot me a comment or email so I can sympathize with you and tell you what a wonderful human being you are NOT to kill your dog.

I love this little pup.