I'm back from Austin, but the Wildcats lost.

It's Wednesday and I've been home since Saturday night.

I'm sure most of you know that Idalou lost their opening game in the state tournament last Friday. And I posted some pictures on facebook. But I thought it'd be fun to add to my photo timeline of my life and post them here as well.

It was a crazy time to be in Austin for me.

I had been sick.

Then Summer Zoe got sick.

Then the dog got sick while I was gone.


But in the middle of it all, a group of boys from Idalou, some of them, they played their last basketball game. And despite good efforts, could not win to advance. And yes, they should be proud they are even there, but a big part of them hurt tremendously because they wanted to go out on top. To win it all, like they did last year. My heart hurt for them. And I was glad I was there to photograph the game.

I didn't care it was Idalou. Sure, I was proud to have a West Texas team advance. But I was even more proud that I got to see Ky and Koal play together. They even started the game together! And both of those boys can hold their heads up high. They played GREAT!

Thank you, Houchin Family.