Shannon, Monterey Senior 2012


How beautiful is this 1/2 pint? I can't really call her a 1/2 pint anymore, she's all grown up! And acquired a wonderful shoe collection in the process, I might add. Or course it helps when you have a big sister that's so into fashion it overflows into your very bedroom. Meet Miss Shannon who is a Friend of Kalyn and graduating this year. We've known her family for years and her mom is the most wonderful story teller! Kalyn and Shannon played soccer together for years with Lone-star. So many good memories.

I've been nursing my cold all weekend, so I stole my good friend Toni to come and back me up in case I couldn't dream up locations or needed help yesterday. I told her all about Shannon and her mom and how they know everything about Lubbock story wise and tell it in such a way it's interesting. I keep thinking she'll write a book or something. You really should, Cindy.

Here's Shannon's sneak peek from our time spent together yesterday. She's such a beautiful girl!