wedding pricing and cold medicine


I've been sick all weekend.Whatever Kalyn had that last basketball game, I now have and I've been hugging the couch all weekend. I'm doing better, but the effects of cold medicine have made me think long and hard about the remainder of my year.


I'm currently booking only a few more spots for 2012, wedding wise. I've been blessed with AMAZING weddings and have so many I'm ready to KICK BUTT at this year, I can hardly stand it! I adore the still image and emotional wedding photographs are my absolute favorite. But there's only so many weekends a girl can work. I'm a digital wedding photographer and I realize how important digital files are to couples. They want the security of knowing they can print their photos time and time again. But the REAL problem with that is many couples NEVER get around to printing them. They get busy with their jobs, buying a house, having kids, etc. The list goes on and on.

I used to include the printed images in my pricing but I took them out two years ago. Why? They were/are a pain in the butt to resize, print, sort, box, and ship. And many couples asked for the files instead. So, I listened and removed them. But I was sad.

I recently had a bride from 2011 order a set from her wedding and going through the process of pulling the files, resizing and sorting, and then opening up the packages from the lab and seeing all the prints come to life. Holding them in my hands, reviving their wedding day...I got excited! I got happy thinking about her and her groom opening the box up and viewing all the fabulous images and just laughing together on their couch! I could see them together and it brought back so many memories of sitting with my loved ones looking at memories together. Laughing. Living.

The STILL IMAGE carries the story, no matter how you view it. But with a loved one, together, on a couch or table instead of sitting at a computer desk, or handing your phone over. Technology is great, don't get me wrong. But so is paper. And being together without distractions. Do you remember that Can you remember that? It's a lost art. And something I'm afraid even my kids probably don't remember or know. An entire generation never even looks at photographs, only those on a recent facebook timeline.

All this blabbing is to inform you that if you are sitting on the fence about booking me for your wedding, quit sitting and jump. EIther jump in my direction or jump another because the pricing is changing tomorrow. I'm including what I think is important, lasting. Sure, the digital files will always be available and anyone who has already booked me for 2012, they are included with your pricing. But the printed image is going to take center focus again, I feel that strongly about it.

Stay tuned...