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Kalyn is down in Big Spring, Texas playing softball. I have the URI she had last week in her last game. I woke up with it this morning. My chest hurts. But don't worry. I'm not playing in a game. In fact, I don't even get to watch. I'm glad Gma and Devin are going, but I'm working. You know the "W word".


Speaking of the "W", it's EXHAUSTING running a business while working at another one. EXHAUSTING. For those readers that aren't up to speed, Take One Video is our business in Slaton that is undergoing some changes. We've owned it for 22 years and for many of those years, I could run it from home and work my photography business full time. This past year, with the economy and the red boxes turning up on every corner, we have suffered business wise. So, I'm working the majority of the hours. I don't mind, most of the time. Although by my tone and attitude many would think different. More on that later.

We are in the slow process of remodeling the store and adding a few things. Mainly turning it into more of a convenient store, but keeping the new releases and adding beer, liquor, cigarettes and snack items. It's kind of scary, and at first I was simply wanting to close up shop and let it go. But after working there in Slaton these past year and getting to know everyone again, and after discussion with God, I decided that I'd better shut up and do what my husband says. He's taken care of me so far, he will continue to do so. It's the "shutting up" part, the being quiet that I've had trouble with.

And many times, even if I'm not saying anything? My tone is definitely saying it. I owe him an apology. And many of my friends. You've had to listen to me moan and groan and you may again. But know that I love you.





and many more.

I'm a Lubbock Wedding Photographer. Have you noticed how many times the words Lubbock Wedding Photographer is posted here? The title, the photo meta data, even my content a few times. That's one job I have each week.


Among the various other jobs you do besides shoot.

I joined a new place spontaneously yesterday, and mostly out of curiosity to see what this photographer is up to. She's been on the radar for a while and most of you won't even know who I'm talking about, but this that read this blog that are photographers, believing ones at that, may be interested.


I've never been one to throw my faith around. To me it's very private. I think it was being raised in the assembly of God church that made me take it private. No offense to those of you that are Assembly, but I found my faith in the Catholic Church and I'm happy there. I just live and breathe my Catholic Faith. I like how each year as I study it more, new mysteries and new discoveries are found.

I try and talk to God all day. I constantly beg ask God for help. It's called prayer. And this season is a BIG time of year for us Catholics.


So in giving up something for Lent, I find myself praying more. LOL I open the pantry and spy a box of Twinkies and I'm moaning to God, "Oh, Father! Help me! I want those! No one is home, no one will see. I can just eat one, right?" About that time, the phone will ring, or the dog will bark and I will forget about the Twinkine. Intervention through a dog is fine by me, Father.

I gave up sweets, by the way. Very hard because that's muffins, cakes, breakfast bars, sweet tarts, candy, ice cream, etc. HARD

So, part of the Prosper Community is to memorize a bible verse each week. Here's our verse for this week.

{6 Be strong and brave. Don't be afraid of them and don't be frightened, because the Lord your God will go with you. He will not leave you or forget you." Deuteronomy 31:6-8

The Lord God will go with you. I pray that for my kids every morning. That he will be WITH THEM. In their thoughts, in their words, in their actions. To keep them safe. I know many of you do as well. But I hadn't been asking him to be WITH ME lately. And it was showing in my words, and in my thoughts, and in my actions. Sure I had asked for help with the Twinkies, but what about with my attitude and tones towards my husband and this new venture we are embarking on? I need to watch my words, my tones. I need to give up the bad thoughts, the negative ones, the horrible words we sometimes say that can be so powerful, and even more, the tones we use that set our moods and those around us that are subject to them.

So, even though I can't be at a game, I'm OK. The Lord is with Kalyn. He will not leave her nor forget her.

Good words.

A good verse.

A good verse for ME.

So, photographers reading this, what do you think about the Prosper Community? Share your thoughts? It's been discussed on many forums today. What do you think?


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