I'm still depressed, but Idalou helps.

I'm in a funk.

I've been chained to my computer between video, laundry and food.

The jobs of a mom are endless. Somedays all I want to do is sit with a cup of coffee and do nothing.

But that's not an option.

So plug ahead.

And I did.

Mainly because of a little treat last night.


Idalou has a couple of Houchin's on the team. And since my beloved Lady Pirates are finished. DONE. Toast. Basketball wise, I treated myself to the Idalou Wildcat game over at LCU last night.

They won.

And I did, too.

It got me excited about softball season and how a Lady Pirate is a Lady Pirate and as long as Cooper is standing, there will always be a Lady Pirate playing.

Great jobs last night, Ky and Koal.

I have a DVD for your Momma.

Enjoy the sneak peek in the meantime.





This next series is Koal's steal for a layup. BRAVO!



WORST team photo EVER! HELLO! Guys, I apologize. But most of you don't know me. So, check out this lovely photo above of our STATE BOUND WILDCATS. I promise, I'll get better. I'm just used to photographing my Lady Pirates and I so have them trained. LOL But a win is a win, and who really cares about the team photo anyway? LOL I'll leave you with this MANIAC shot of Koal below. LOVE IT!