Every year I go NUTS for the Oscars.

We used to do a contest at our video store for free movies if you guessed the Oscar winners. We don't do it anymore, but I still LOVE the Oscars! It's the dresses, the stars, their dates, EVERYTHING! And then throw in the movies and I'm sold. I tiro and watch live with twitter feed set and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Here's my thoughts for last night's broadcast. Random, yes, but that's how I roll.

Right off the bat, let's discuss BEST DRESSED.

My number one choice is Gwenneth Paltrow. Yep! The girl looked amazing in Tom Ford. I think she should have worn diamond stud earrings, because a girl at the Oscars without diamonds is like bread without butter. But everything else SPOT ON.



Another big favorite, and I can't decide if it's her dress or her arms, or her cute short hair, but I LOVED Cameron Diaz! The dress was beautiful on her awesome surfing body and she's just such a dang California girl, I'm drawn. Just drawn. If I had her cheekbones and that body, I'd go to Target in this dress. I'd wear this dress once a week, I'm telling you.




Another big favorite for me and Summer Zoe was Penelope Cruz's beautiful purple creation. It was GORGEOUS! I wish I had video of it because it flowed so beautifully. Simply a stunner, she was.



I think overall, everyone chose well. It was a HOLLYWOOD glamor at it's best for sure. But of course, some rubbed me the wrong way, and of course I have to share. HA! Below isBerenice Bejo from this OSCAR WINNER The Artist. It won almost every major award and you could view this 80's number from the front row every time they panned behind a presenter to show the crowd. UGH...It did nothing for her and even though I'm sure someone thought this was a beautiful gown? I did not.


What did you think about Billy Crystal? I love his movies. He's the star in one of my all time favorite movies EVER, When Harry Met Sally and I thought he did a great job hosting last night, I just couldn't quit watching his face.


He's done something. Not sure what. And I'm sure it's to help with his career, but what is a man supposed to look like at his age? Someone show me?




Random thoughts while watching the show. We cooked and ate tacos in between, all the while listening to Devin moan and groan. Perfect.

  • Carl the seat filler. Awesome! Love the powder blue tux.
  • Justin Bieber has grown out his hair.
  • The Hugo winner for Art Direction? That lady has too much plastic. Hello! From afar her dress was gorgeous! Up close? Scary!
  • Jennifer's nipple shot. We saw her walk out with Cameron Diaz and I immediately said, "she's showing nipple". LOL You go to twitter and everyone was talking about it. So much fun to watch TV with twitter. I did like her and Cameron's presentation. Very cute.
  • Cirque du Soleil was amazing!!!! Even when they goofed or fell or dropped someone, they were amazing! LOVED this part of the Oscars!
  • Chris Rock's joke about animation being the easiest thing was funny. Loved his Zebra comment and I literally laughed out loud!
  • Emma Stone's skit was so dang funny. YES, scripted, but she's so good, she makes canned scripts seem fresh and fun. I was secretly begging Jonah to leap up on the stage and dance with her.
  • HUGO. Good golly, what a winner! But then again, because it did win most of the categories it was nominated for, I knew Martin wasn't going to win. He's given us so many amazing movies! I have several in our home library. Just a great storyteller.
  • Will ferrill and Zach "nobody can ever say his name" were adorable in their white tuxes and symbols. Great skit!
  • Angelina Jolie, sticking her leg out and standing like a ho. HELLO! WHY? You have children! You want your kids standing like that? Geez...reel it in and please eat something. Just plain YUCH. He left Jennifer for that? Why?
  • Enjoyed seeing the Bridesmaids, however not impressed with the raunchy skit. Too much explaining why I was laughing, when I really shouldn't have been. These girls are great actresses and should have just rolled with the class.
  • Favorite speech of the night had to be Merle Streep's. Such a classy fun lady. I love her.


Art Direction,Hugo

Costume Design,The Artist

Make up, TheIron Lady

Foreign Film,Separation

Best Supporting Actress,Octavia for The Help

I must confess. I wanted Sookie from Gilmore Girls to win. I thought her work in Bridesmaids was AMAZING. So dang funny and she was the heart of that movie. Said so myself upon walking out of the theatre. LOVED her roll! But watching Octavia's speech, I was moved. She was the perfect amount of real. I love you. Thank you. I'm sorry. I hate that they rushed her. I mean, did we really need the focus group from The Wizard of Oz skit? There's extra time right there.

Film Editing,Girl with Dragon Tattoo

Sound Editing,Hugo

Sound Mixing,Hugo

Best Documentary Feature,Undefeated

They bleeped him, during his speech. What did he say? From this article, the F-bomb. “It wasn’t the classiest thing,” admitted Martin. “But it did come from the heart.” The movie definitely sounds like one I want to watch though, and I'm not big on documentaries. CLICK HERE to read more.

Best Animated Featured Film, Rango

Visual Effects, Hugo

Supporting Actor,Christopher Plummer in Beginners

He was given plenty of time to respond and thank everyone. And how awesome did he do? LOVED his comment to his lovely wife and you can tell by their emotions, it was heartfelt. Lovely really.

Original Score,The ArtistLudavick Bourice

Best Original Song,Brett Mckenzie andMan to Muppets

Adapted Screenplay,The Decendants

Original Screenplay,Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris

Best Short Film,The Shore

Documentary Feature,Saving Face

Best Animated Short Film,The Fantastic Flying Books of the Morris Lessmore

Director,The Artist

Best Actor,Jean Dujardin

Best Actress,Merle Streep

Best Picture,The Artist

I guess I'll have to watch The Artist, but kinda worried to. Typically when shows get all this attention, I end up NOT liking them. We'll see. It opens wider this weekend so maybe I'll get the chance. Do I see it at the theatre? Or wait and watch it at home and hear Devin's comments all the way through. Hmm...

Here's some more pictures I snagged on the internet.

Anyone else watch last night?

You can view much more on the official site.

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