another Instagram post

I've been scarce these past few days. We are in crunch time of basketball season (Playoffs) and with me still working at the video storeit's been a bit crazy. I'm working on reprints and album designs while editing like mad and running a busy family. I'm hoping I have some clean underwear for tomorrow because nothing is certain anymore around here.

Kanga was ran over last week. I blogged a bit about it and I'll go into more detail at some point, just nervous about the game tomorrow night. So, I'm Instagramming it for today's post.

You know what Instagram is right? A great Ap for your iPhone. If you don't have it, you should! Download it today! It's a great way to take photos and share them with friends.

And we're off!

BELOW: Sweetheart Sizzler photo! It's a Mardi Gras theme! Had a wonderful time with friends! Rex sounded good and we raised some money for the school. That's always good!


Summer left her necklace in the locker room one day and after I went to get it, I photographed it.

Kanga loves the window seat.The Lady Pirates are DISTRICT CHAMPS.

And I made the goodie bags that day. SOOOOOO much fun! I went with the lyrics to Tootsie Roll.

Her fur looks funky in this shot. I swear I have dozens and dozens of her on this window seat. It's where she lives. This day, d.o.g, our other dog was joining the party. She's on the ground there.

I found a great sale on a counter height table as Oak Express. Solid wood and HUGE, only $150. Now I'm saving up for stools.

Here's a better view.

Taken outside my video store in Slaton. The sky was so blue that day!


The above HORRIBLE photo was me and Emily at the Sweetheart Sizzler.

Davia and her sister, Kathy at the same party. Fun night.

IT SNOWED last Monday! This is a shot of Kalyn's bug. I posted this to my Facebook feed and someone thought it was cocaine. Yeah.

Kalyn working on her Senior Project. I"m documenting the "learning".

Pretty Kanga one day last week at Above and Beyond Hospital.


I like doing this.

It makes me think about photo opportunities. Grab that iPhone and start shooting more.