Way to go Pirates!

I could have just sat at home. I was tired after working all week at the video store and designing wedding albums late every night. So much to do. So little time. We all say it. But I wanted to be there and watch our Senior boys play their last home game. So, when Coach INTENSE Bridges emailed to ask me to photograph the Seniors, I said yes. I'm so glad I did!

Great game, guys! It was neck and neck the entire game until our boys pulled way ahead in the 4th Q. They secured a win and from what I heard, with Shallowater's win last night, our boys are 2nd in District and will head to the play offs. WOW! Way cool.

Enjoy the photos! I'll post them on facebook as well.


Kristin | Lubbock Cooper Pirate Fan



And then it was time for Senior Night!!!

I like that they did their's BEFORE the game. We learned that lesson the hard way, didn't we Lady Pirates. UGH. The bile is still in my mouth after that loss.

Daniel Schwertner is the trainer for the boys bb team and she was escorted by her Mom and Dad.



Sean Bentley, below.



Mitchel Dinsford



Brenan Ehlers


Alex Hill


Casey Owens


Garrett Taylor


And the Seniors All Together