LCHS Lady Pirates vs Estacado

What a game!

Tayla Mosser scored the winning shot, a 3 pointer with the assist from Kalyn Marie, and LCHS Lady Pirates are DISTRICT CHAMPS for the first time ON THEIR OWN since 1984!!! HOLY MOLY! That was a long time coming. I graduated HS that year!

To explain, we've shared the district champ title many time before. But to win DISTRICT kind of puts us in a harder bracket for the playoffs. Not kind of. It does. But that's OK. We've always played a tougher schedule compared to other teams in our district. It is what makes us tough. Makes us play harder. Makes us grow and learn and WIN.

It wasn't an easy win last night. Our girls were neck and neck with the Matadors the entire game. It was hustle and hustle hard. Kalyn Marie's middle name is hustle. It's not really, but it should be! She had an awesome game and some amazing moments! And if you see her or Tayla Mosser (or any of the girls) in the hallway today, give those girls a high 5 from me!

Well done, Lady Pirates.



Kalyn's been rocking the "fishbone" for most of district. LOVE THIS! I can braid, but I can't do this. So every time I see it, I want to photograph this thing of beauty and mystery.


It was senior night and much emotion in the house. These girls didn't want their season to end.



We had a full house of Pirates representing! LOVE it when they come out and support the teams!!!! A few of these fans seriously missed their calling. HELLO! Cheerleading tryouts are coming up so go see Mrs. Ferris about that. IMPRESSED!



Oblivious to his fan club, Coach Hilliard kept his cool during the game. Okay, almost kept it. The man got a T called after some horrid call in the 2nd half. HORRID. They tackled my kid, Summer and NOTHING was called. Just a turnover in the books, according to the refs. If I was a Coach I would never make it to the 2nd 1/2 of many of our games. I was trying to think of the last time I saw a T thrown his way. Anyone remember?




Here's part of the tackle that really upset our coach and the fans. (and me...) Oh, yeah...she had the ball on the frame before this one was taken and it's horribly out of focus so I didn't save it. I'll see if I can find it and add it here later. You know, for your judgement.



Discussing the politics of the day. LOL



Shooting the FT's from the technical foul.






I haven't had the chance to talk to Bridget. Anyone have a finger report? I snapped the image below after she came out of the game. She was visibly in pain. I'm surprised with her long arms that these fingers don't get hit by satellites in outer space. I can't keep them in my frame when shooting her vertical. Great game, Bridget!

Okay, I snapped this one below AFTER the dude on the left called a foul on Kalyn in the 4th Q. HELLO! She didn't even touch her. Seriously folks, she didn't. She argued with him and pleaded her case, but to no avail of course.



Of course, I have to include this in my photo essay of the game. Oh, my gosh!!! After Tayla hit that 3 our fans went wild!!!! Wild!!! And her momma was wild with them!!!! LOVE this Charlsie!!!



And we win!!!!! I'm so proud of our team and this girl below!!! How she does not get herself ejected from a game is beyond me. So much passion and heart in her game. There may not be many points after her name in the paper, but this girl GETS IT DONE. She who you want on the court when you have to win. We could not do this without her and her mad basketball playing skills!!!!

Great Game, Kalyn Marie Bednarz!!!!!