Instagram Sunday

We just got home from watching the Superbowl at David and Davida's. We were rooting for the Giants and Davida for Tom Bready's team, of course. Can't say I totally blame her. The guy is super hot, I just like the "bro" thing those Manning boys have going. I was transferring files to iPhoto and thought I would share some Instagram Photos. I really need to use my iPhone more. It's such a great way to get a glimpse of your life.

Happy Sunday!


Here's one of the puppies. I think this is Hooey. Which, by the way, is happy in his new home and doing great! All the puppies are! It was such a great expeirence, hobby breeding, we may have to try it again. Hard work, yes, but these puppies were so cute!


Random light at Texas Road House

Kalyn doing homework.


I always find her with books. Just part of her life this last semester of school.


Had to photograph my cute adorable, I'm in love with you wallet.


The stained glass at our church.


Random close up of the dress I was wearing that day. No worries, this was AFTER the homily. I was listening Father.


Texas Road House, again...

see, you recognize these bad boys.


Kanga so ready for a different day.


Shot of my desk one morning...

And the movies street dating this week.


Little valentine's project.