I think she's coaching

If you follow me on facebook, you'll know that last night was our SENIOR NIGHT. And we lost. To Shallowater, our arch enemy. The toughest team in our district right now. That will change next year, when Levelland matures. Just wait and watch. And I'm getting ready to post my sneak peek from last night's agony game but this series quickly caught my eye. Claire is a freshman at Cooper and a "tall drink of water" if you know what I mean. The girl has legs like a giraffe and completely gorgeous to boot. So when I first saw her I thought horribly to myself, "ha, sure she can play ball." I mean why would I think that? I have two ballers myself that are gorgeous. HELLO! But I did. And then I got to know her and realized how utterly cute and wonderful and most of all A COMPETITOR she really is. Well, in last night's game, she had to go in at a key moment and do key things to help us win the game get into overtime. All the bench did. This is where TEAM is such an important part of basketball. It IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. However, in a panic, key players sometimes forget and try to do it on their own. They hold all the pressure on their shoulders and try to do it on their own. And fail, of course. But not Claire. Check out this series. She was nervous, scared, panicked, all rolled into one TALL DRINK OF WATER. She had to nail some free throws. HAD TO. AND SHE DID! But not without some key coaching moments from our fabulous Coach Parsley. Check out this series.



Fantastic job, Claire! Fantastic job, Coach Parsley!