Introducing the Lubbock Cooper Softball Team


They've been waiting oh, so patiently. The Lubbock Cooper Softball Team has started their season and is READY FOR A GREAT YEAR!

You really have girls. Normally I get a sneak peek up in just a few hours, however, it's been a tough week for me. Oral surgery and pain pills make it hard to sit at the computer and work. But I did this morning and now I have these great images to show you. Well, done, Lady Pirates!

It's always a hard transition for our family. To go immediately into softball the second basketball is over. We don't even really get time to morn the regional loss. We just jump on in. With our girls playing volleyball, basketball and softball there is never a week off from August 1 to June. We just keep rolling with it and make the best of it we can. But Kalyn can't join the team until basketball is over and because we FULLY INTEND TO GO TO STATE, it's gonna be a while. No mourning this year folks. WE ARE READY!

These team photos will have to do. Girls, your ordering gallery will be live this afternoon. I'm having a bit of web trouble with the website. Not sure what's up, but I'm working on it as I type. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. I LOVE the way they turned out!


Kristin | Lady Pirate FAN