the office of a Lubbock Photographer

I needed to photograph my office for a photographer's group I'm a member of. We do photo assignments. This week's was "office space" or desk space and I thought what better than a Lubbock Photographer Office Space! So, here's my office. The good, the bad, the ugly.

After reading, THISfromthe image is found, (who I'm big HUGE fans of), I thought I'd try my hand at manual focusing and f8. I know his exercise said f11, but my sensors haven't been cleaned in like FOREVER. So, no go on the f11.

We've lived here for quite some time and even though I built the office of my dreams, I'm still not done. I have more dreams. I'd love a BIG oversized stuffed comfy reading chair in the corner. I'd love a cool modern piece of vintage furniture on the entry way door with some AWESOME prints above. Maybe painted a poppy orange or crazy green. I'd love a counter height workstation for the kids and me, when we are working on projects, craft wise or other. But it's a work in progress. And even if it's never done, I still love the space. Well, because there's space.

Come on in!



I'll start you off with the book shelf.

Sally Koch, a wicked cool chick with great ideas, gave me the idea of organizing my book shelf by color. I did this with my clothes as well. LOVE IT! Makes it difficult to find a book, or so I thought, but I know the color of the spine of the book I'm reading right now, (tan), so I've been surprising myself by locating them anyway.

I'd love to maybe place a globe or two on the top shelf, like I saw HERE. I read The Pleated Poppyand she has her kitchen a color similar to my office and collects globes. LOVE the look, however, I would hate to dust that stuff. Right now, with nothing up there, I'm just collecting dust. I'm sure it's all behind that pretty molding up there.



Okay, the photo below is Devin's side. Much discussion was made about which side we would have. When I was dreaming of this place, I thought I would be on this side. I was wrong. Instead, I get to office with the paper hoarder of America. The man holds onto EVERYTHING! But has no idea where everything is. He's a professional pile maker. And I love him. So, I office with him.

The drapes you see are often used as a backdrop when I shoot SEXY ME sessions. LOVE them! I found them at Target online and they are easy to pull down and stuff in a duffel bag. They do not wrinkle, so it's easy to do. I've also used them in a baby session once with this cutie. Love me some Harper!

Notice the vintage Pacman game on this side of the desk? Yep. Davida, Devin's mom saved these and recently upon cleaning out a room in her home, passed them along to Devin. LOVE that!



Below is my stash of sample albums and various other things. The problem with working from home and meeting clients in your home is you have to have samples of product you sale, however, I don't like looking at the stuff out all the time. A quick answer is a big basket. Works for me and keeps them off the floor. You can also see the black filing cabinet from the old house. My mom bought this for me after my wreck to help me get my life organized.


I'm organized!

There's no way I'm photographing the inside of this puppy!




You've already seen my recent wall project. Turned out GREAT! I'd love to add another row, but for now, this works.



Another shot of the bookshelf with our wireless printer and a book of another one of my FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHERS. This book is too cute. The minute she announced it on her blog, I had to have it. I'd love to have my pictures published in a book someday. You should definitely check out Anna's work and be amazed along with me. When I grow up, I wanna be here someday.



The workstation.

She's several years old at this point. I don't have a name for my computer, but I do my externals. They are named after characters in Gone with the Wind.




You get the idea.

Just this year, my DVD burner when tout and I purchased an external DVD burner. I don't like that it's not built in and clean lined, but hey. You gotta burn baby, so it's necessary to keep her out on the desktop.



Notice Kanga right at my feet? Yep. Everyday, all day. She wakes me up a few times a day to go for a walk and we'll do a lap or two. She's the most AWESOME dog ever. You've seen a lot of her puppies lately, but not very much of her. You can also see my iPhone, my pet rock that says "create" and my cute pot of pens. Kalyn painted that when she was probably 6 or so? I love it!

On the right side, you see my Kleenex box with my favorite designer's print, Orla Kiely. I have one of her purses and she's the BOMB! I don't even know that she's a she, but I know I LOVE her designs!

There's also a random stack of books I have on top of my filing cabinet that's awful dirty. I swear I dust once in a while. It's just not that "while".



One of the first purchases I made even before moving in were these white boards from Ikea. I knew I wanted to display photos in my office but because I tire so easily of pictures, prints, etc., I needed to switch them out quickly. These boards are perfect! The one I linked to isn't the one I purchased, but it's close.

Love these!

See that purple ribbon? I won't that eons ago over in Post for a film portrait of Ky and Koal in the field. I've won several awards over the years but I don't display them. I do this one because it's the one that made me realize "I could do this thing". And I did. So it hangs close to me when I'm working to remind me to strive for "the people's choice" when working on images. STRIVE.

You can also see a glance of my favorite candle. I love how it reflects around the office when the sun hits it about 9 AM. I bought it on sale at Kohl's for like $5 the first year we moved in here.



I used to scrapbook ALL THE TIME. I even had my work featured in some top magazines. WOO HOO! I just tooted my horn. But I don't anymore. However, I love to send cards to people and love to stitch the envelope or inside of the card, maybe doodle or something. Plus my girls are working on craft projects in here all the time. (thus the need for a tall table) So we are always reaching for Zig marker to work with and it made sense to keep them separate from the rest of the crap in that top drawer. A simple jar works great.


You will also see my new calendar I purchased for my wall over there. I LOVE this sucker! It was $40 online and fills the space nicely so I don't have to decide which canvas I'm going to hang. There are movie posters from our video store rolled and stored below. I so need to sale those, but they really aren't worth much. Just can't bear to throw them away.


A pile of books is always on my desk. Some I've read, some I'm reading, but mostly because I haven't color coded them for the bookshelf. Someday.


I bought this stamp several years ago even before we moved into this place. I stamp the cards in bright orange, my favorite color.


I have a gallery wall in my guest room and I'm always finding frames on clearance to add to it. This got hung shortly after I took these photos. The socks? For cold nights of editing.


Mr. Barry bought this for me on one of his travels and I love it. I put quarters, paper clips, and movie stubs in there. It's a heavy wooden smooth cup and I ADORE it. It makes me think of him.

Behind are my thank you cards I mail to folks that make me happy.



See that photo in the bottom left? My family before the divorce. I love how small me and Kim are and I love how dapper my folks look! Wow! Why didn't I get THAT gene? I know an office should have samples of my work, but I love seeing my family and friends around me. Many of these were taken with Instagram. I use this ap more than any other on my iPhone.



My meeting space. I had a bride come over today and I keep the lap top for taking notes and looking things up on line. I've had this macbook since 2007 and it's still rocking. I'd love an new Macbook Pro, but with a kid going to college next year, it's ain't happening. You can catch a glimpse of my favorite pens. LOVE THESE. I carry one in my purse and have various others stashed around the house.



Well, that's my office!
Now, if you are reading this and you blog or facebook, show me your workspace. I'd love to see it!