Lubbock Cooper BEATS Shallowater!

I'm a day behind as usual but I've been busy with puppies, video store and just feeling plain sick (yesterday). So, pushing through today, I thought I'd share GAME PHOTOS from Lubbock Cooper Basketball NATION!!!! HOLLA! The Pirates came home BIG winners and we are riding the happy wave right now! Next up? Friday home game against Estacado.

We arrived over in Shallytown early enough to catch part of the JV game. Of course, their gyms are a street apart and it took us a while to get there, but go we did. And we were sad they didn't get a WIN. But in all honesty? Shallowater has got some players and our girls just didn't look like themselves. Not sure what was up. Maybe a JV Mom or Dad can comment here and clue us in. As if us parents are EVER clued in.



Had a beautiful sky Tuesday night! While walking across the street I had to snap this one of our flag. It was a "cotton candy" sky, as I call it. And despite the chill, just beautiful! We headed back over to the Varsity Gym to catch the score of the JV boys, who won. YEAH! And found this little guy trying to escape his seat. Guess basketball isn't his thing. LOL



And then it was time for some VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL! Go Lady Pirates! This was a BIG game for us. For Shallowater as well. There's always some good ball when these two teams get together. Both growing schools with small town values and West Texas gritty players! Love me some gritty players!

I ran into some old friends and met a fellow photographer here visiting from Germany. We talked shop for a while, but the action/game was so intense, it was shooting time!

I loved the mascot's bow and had to share! Too cute!



Mo (Tayla Mosser) was playing without her cheering parents in the stands. They were celebrating an anniversary by heading to Vegas for some playing and relaxation. Happy Anniversary you two!


I was super proud of Kalyn's ball playing! She was hustling the entire time!!! Just grabbing balls, making moves, and defending the goal! Great game, Miss Marie! You always impress me and make me proud!!!


We had lots of support from our crowd! Way to support Pirate Nation!!!!



Below is a Wesley Heinrich's girl, Courtney. I recognized her when they were cheering on a time out. Hello Courtney!


Intense timeouts, that's for sure! HELLO! We haven't beaten Shallowater since 2000, Coach said. Holy Smokes! That's a long time for a losing streak. Not this year. NOT THIS YEAR!!!



All the girls played GREAT! And we were so excited for them! We had a quick breather and then it was on to the boys! At first I wasn't going to photograph because Pam was there photographing as well, but then, I couldn't help myself. HELLO! Courtside is always better than the stands. INTENSE!



This is the Tebow, I'm told.




Well done Lubock Cooper! The boys won in overtime and ROCKED THE HOUSE! Everyone was on their seats! And no. I don't have photos because my battery crapped out before the OT.

And I call myself a photographer.


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