Lubbock Cooper Pirates take on Lamesa at Home

Georgia, honesty right? I don't think the world is ready for me to be honest about everything, so I'll just let the photos do the talking on our district win over Lamesa Friday night. yep. That's right. The Lubbock Cooper Pirates beat Lamesa and we are rolling right through district!

I've been shooting less basketball and trying my hand out at video a bit. I suck at it and I'm pretty sure will never be asked to try and shoot a high light reel again. OH, yeah. That bad.

I arrived early enough to photograph some of the JV girls game. That's always fun. Except, now that we are playing in district with the boys as well, we have to play some games in the back gym. Which has AWFUL lighting conditions and just not enough room for everyone. I made due, but I sure do love our big gym.



See this picture of Emmy Craig below?

Lit by iPad light and shot with the 70-200 from down on the court. Pretty darn cool, huh?



When your daughter comes off the court with this smile on her face, you know she's enjoying the game of basketball! Well done!



As always, more photos on the Pirate Nation Gallery. Here's what you do.