I want energy!

Do you not realize that your bodies are members of Christ's body; do you think one can take parts of Christ's body and join them to the body of a prostitute? Out of the question!


Did you read my previous post? THIS ONE? Well, I didn't delete it. I let it sit. And I read it again. And then after Georgia commented, I read it again. She's right. Honesty and raw emotions are good. Very good.

So, I went to mass this morning and guess what the gospel was? Guess? Scroll back up and read those bold letters typed in the opening of this blog post.


Looks like my procrastination is a problem. And I'm not speaking of sexual immortality. No. I'm speaking of the deadly sin of sloth. Sloth is defined as spiritual or emotion apathy. Neglecting what God has spoken and being physically and emotionally inactive. I'm a 1/2 sloth. I'm plenty emotionally active, but the physical part? I'm not so sure.

Let me back up a bit.

You see, I used to LOVE to run. I ran in college, and after I had my first child. But after the 2nd, I didn't enjoy it much. Too much to do as a young mom of two and working as well, I just let it fall wayside. Well, after my wreck, and damaging an ankle so much that running isn't an option, I've started missing it again. But why? Have I really? Or have I simply just missed the fact that I can't because of my legs? Much like, I can't wear high heels anymore with that busted ankle, and I desperately miss that. HELLO! A good pair of heels can take 10 pounds off a woman. And I wold LOVE to lose 10 pounds instantly.

But a few weeks ago at a party, I was chatting with a runner and while talking to her I watched her eyes glass over as she talk about the "pushing through" and the excitement and endorphins that hit afterward. There was a joy there in her speech that instantly made me miss it again. And again, I questioned the feeling.

Forward to last night and I"m beating myself up. Publicly. Here on the blog. I then go to mass and hear those words at the top of this blog post. And they struck me HARD. AND instantly.

This is NOT my body. It's been given to me. And I can miss running or hate it, but whatever the case, my body is his. Not mine. His. And I should take better care of it. Much better care. Do you not realize that your bodies are members of Christ's body?


Whether I run, skip, crawl, walk, WHATEVER, just be ACTIVE. I need to be ACTIVE. That's all God wants.

You know I don't like to blog without photos, so I was sitting thinking about the scripture readings today and thought about someone who's definitely ACTIVE. I pulled a few shots from his game on Friday. Below is Coach Bridges. ACTIVE, passionate man. You feel like moving when you watch him! I was standing behind his bench Friday night and he came was subbing someone in and remarked, "I want energy! I want energy!" This could be my warrior call, I want energy too, Coach! The last photo is of his new baby girl. He was carrying her like football at Meet the Pirates (basketball) Wednesday. So cute!

Until next time...

Kristin | future walker runner