Toy Australian Puppies for Sale

We have two puppies for sale. The females are left.

They are exploring the house and moving around and developing their little personalities. So cute! I thought I would talk about them a bit and give you the link to their facebook galleries. They've had so many visitors and people interested in them. They are eating soft food on their own, but still nursing on momma 3-4 times a day. She's losing patience though as they get bigger and their teeth get sharper! I can't say I blame her. It's so taxing taking care of babies.

If you are interested in seeing these precious babies in person, just contact me and you can come sit on the floor and play. That's what I do a good part of the day.

I hope this helps those of you interested in making a decision on your favorite pup. Read under each photo posted for their description and make sure to click their facebook gallery link. I'll post more photos on Monday.


Kristin | Toy Aussie Lover

This is Kit.

She was the last one born, feet first and the smallest of the litter. The first week of life, I let her latch on first to get going and maybe catch up with her litter mates. It's worked! She's been the first one to stand, to walk on the slippery floors, to start a fight, the first one to start everything. She can really be a handful at times.

I'm not sure if she will be toy like her momma or miniature like her daddy, Ty, There's really no way to know. But if I had to guess, I'd say toy. And her hair will probably lay flat like her momma and grow long. Kanga normally has a skirt all the way around her. And her hair is very soft, like a bunny.

Her eyes will most likely turn amber. They were bright blue up until this week and now they are getting darker.

If you are looking for a highly energetic smart dog, Kit is for you.

CLICK HERE for a link to her facebook photos.


Above, is Charlotte.

She has thick, soft hair and definite blue eyes. She's Gorgeous! I think the's the lady of the bunch and wired much like her brother, Hooey. She's very laid back and soft under the coat. She eats calmly and plays a lot although she is never the one to "start the play fighting" if you know what I mean. She loves to be cuddled and is cautious about trying things out. She usually follows her sister's lead.

I think she will be miniature in height, like her daddy and have a longer, bushy coat that seems fluffy compared to Kanga.

If you are looking for a laid back dog that enjoys a good cuddle, Charlotte is the one for you.

CLICK HERE for Charlott'es Facebook Gallery.

Oh, Izzie! You spitfire of a pup!

You know how puppies will act wild and start hopping and barking and just moving around like crazy? That's Izzie! She's the first to wake up and the first to latch on. She has the markings like her sister Charolotte, but definitely smaller in size, but NOT temperament! She's wild! She barks, growls, snarls, and moves like crazy.

She does love a good cuddle, but not for long. And you have to watch her closely because she always seems to be stuck somewhere she shouldn't be. Her and Kit were the first to wander out of the nesting room, my office. And the first to greet you when you come in the door. She loves a good chase and a good scratching.

I definitely think her eyes wills stay blue, and I think she'll stay toy. But there's no way of knowing for sure. And her fur might go flat like Kanga's and silky. Her face is absolutely ADORABLE! She's the "teenager" to Charlotee's "lady" if you know what I mean.

Definitely fearless and ready for adventure!

CLICK HERE for her facebook gallery.