Happy New Year


I love the photo above of Chief and Kalyn standing outside our home NYE. You can just see a smidgen of Kalyn's warm up jersey from basketball. They were watching the "boy" of our family set off a noisy firework that rocked the neighborhood. I'm sorry Saddleclub Folks. He's very young at heart.

I've been so busy with puppies and people coming to visit that I haven't had the chance to blog our New Year.

It's been a very nice Christmas Holiday with lots of time off from the video store. Which will definitely change in the weeks coming as we prepare to remodel into The Bull Stop. Yep. We are going to be future liquor store owners. But during the Christmas break, Erin came home and worked at our store so I had lots of time off to spend with family. My mom came to visit and we had a great visit. She left just a couple of days ago.

So, we stayed in NYE and Devin's smoked some chickens, I cooked potatoes and a few party dips and we played games and watched football. My kind of party!

Kalyn and Summer have a new Trivia Pursuit Game. I've always loved that game, but it did make you feel kind of stupid and you would simply just guess the majority of the answers. This new Team Trivia Pursuitis a much friendlier and easy to play version. Read about it on that link I included here and get yourself one for your next party. We loved it!

Kalyn also had college application deadlines and hit the "submit" button on Yale and that Irish University up North. You know, Notre Dame. Kind of scared about the entire process because if she gets in, we'll have to let her go. HELLO! And then what? I guess we kept that house in the country for a reason. I might have to move back and sale the "dream home" for college tuition money. Don't laugh.

David and Davida came and celebrated the New Year with us and puppies and technology were a big part of the night. I had so much fun playing that game with Davida. She's so witty. And we all had the chance to "FaceTime" with Brooke.

Technology is cool.

Happy New Year!

I have some goals I'm working on for 2012. I'm not ready to share them yet as I hope I can stick to them for at least 14 days or so. They are simple.

OH, and my Happy New Year cards go out today! Miller's shorted me some envelopes and a BEST friend came to the rescue. (wink)


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