Our toys are still around

You remember our puppies, right?

Their momma, Kanga, is a Toy Australian Shepherd. Her "boyfriend", Ty, is a Miniature Aussie. I've been getting lots of questions about them and the differences. Here's what I found out.

Tea Cup -Weight:under 12 pounds (5.5 kg.)

Toy -Height:10-14 inches (26-36 cm.)

Toy - Weight:12-17 pounds (5.5-8 kg.)

Miniature - Height: 13-18 inches (33-46 cm.)

Miniature - Weight: 20-40 pounds (9-18 kg.)


At this age, we can't tell if our 4 babies are going to be toy or miniature. We definitely don't think tea cut, although Kanga barely weighs 12 pounds wet. You can tell from the photos above what she looked like at 14 weeks. She was so cute, but such a scrawny thing. I can't imagine her looking like this when she was a puppy, but I've been told she did. Only different coloring.

The one featured here is Charlotte.

She's beautiful and her coat is thick and soft like a bunny. Her personality is much more laid back than her sisters Izzie and Kit. But she fits in just right with Tycoon, our one and only male. She's very squishy and loves to be held, while her sisters are much more muscular from all their extra puppy wrestling. They are pretty darn good at a "take down", let me tell you. And the toe chewing while I'm blogging this? FIERCE.

Anyone interested in purchasing a puppy, they will be ready to take home January 14th. $250 is required to "hold" your puppy with the remainder due when you pick your puppy up. They will have their first shots and will be eating soft dog food and weaned from their momma. She's only nursing them 3-4 times daily right now. They've been eating the soft puppy chow for a couple of days and doing great.

We are working on the puppy training, meaning we have "places" around their area designated with padding for "bathroom stuff", but it's hit or miss and they are really too young. But hopefully, in the next 2 weeks they will progress in that department.

If you'd like to come by and hold a puppy, even if you don't want to buy one, you are welcome to come puppy sit and let them chew on your toes.