At the time I took this opening photograph, the first image displayed here, I thought those were pretty table decorations set on the bridal brunch table. They were Tiffany blue and the bride had just given her bridesmaids lovely gifts from Tiffany's.


Not decoration.


Yep. How's that for a lovely mistake.

Another mistake this weekend? More like a clumsy mistake, I dropped my camera from counter to floor with the 24 attached. BAM! Of course I had backup in the car. But not the lovely 24. But when I picked up the gear and checked the damage and then fired the shutter (while quietly praying like mad), SNAP! It worked!!!

Thank you, Canon for creating some amazing gear!

I won't keep you long, dear blog readers. In fact, most never even read all the words I write here. Most just scroll down to view the images. I can't blame them. I follow several photographers blogs and I do the same. Yep. I'm an image girl. There's a business name I didn't think of. Image Girl Studio. Kinda cool, no?

To view MORE images from my fabulous weekend, click the link below. The passcode is the bride and groom's last names, smushed together.


And if you keep scrolling on down, you'll see a cool little slideshow I put together just for you.


Kristin | Image Girl Studio

PS. I completely forgot to tell you. This fabulous wedding was held at the AMAZING Spencer Theatre in Ruidosa, NM. Go ahead. Drool over the wicked cool lines and beautiful light. I've decided I'm only photographing weddings from there for now on. You know, a one place kinda girl. Yep. I'll ROCK that world in NM and they'll only hire me!

Of course, I'm sooooo teasing.

Sort of.

Getting married in Ruidosa? Call me.