Ethan + his big sister

This is my home church, St. Joseph in Slaton. It's the baptismal font that stands in the entry way or lobby of the church. I was confirmed here. I became Catholic here. I married Devin here. I baptized my kids here. I became a God Parent here to Reagan. It's the church that took care of me after my "oh my God, wreck". It's my home.

I've attended through numerous priests and even a bishop change. We've seen deacons come and go and come again. We've rolled with the waves and stayed.

So when Leslie, the lady holding the infant, who just happens to be a photographer, who just happens to be a photographer married to man that I've known since he was in 5th grade. HELLO! I'm so old. Anyway, when Leslie asked if anyone would be available to photograph their new baby boy's baptizm, I jumped at the chance. After all, it's very convienant.

POST HIJACK: And Leslie, if you read this, you looked totally HOT for a new momma. You looked totally HOT for any momma! I almost used the acronym MILF, but thought since this is a church post it would be totally inappropriate. Don't you think?

Ethan is absolutely precious and new and oh so squishy. His older sister Georgia was less than enthralled with the entire procedure, but like a good young lady, she remained quiet and simply WAS. You know, was pretty. LOL

It's very difficult working for another photographer. You hope you do your best work. But even more so, you hope they think you do your best work. You want to be their eyes during this important family time. I hope I was good eyes for your and your family, Leslie.

Welcome to the church, Ethan!


Kristin | Lubbock Wedding Photographer