the one with Elizabeth + Garrett, a wedding in Flower Mound, Texas

Elizabeth and Garrett were married Saturday.

Ceremony: Chapelle des Fleurs

Dress: Pricilla of Boston, Dallas

I have worked with this family before, and can I really call it work? Not sure about that. It sure doesn't feel like work with the Burleson Clan around. I've managed to thumb through all the images to find my favorites to tell the story. ENJOY!

Every time I look at this image of the flowers, it SCREAMS Elizabeth! She has such a classic feel to her. I'm in love with her profile and dark hair. The flowers were gorgeous!

We spent the day in the bride's suite laughing, talking, enjoying the time together. Elizabeth had her sisters as her only bridesmaids. They are all she ever needs, or any girl needs. TIGHT, fun, incredibly witty and sharp, I wish I was a Burleson sister!

They are total hoots together! I kept thinking about my sister and how we can talk about anything and laugh about things until we cry. Sisters are THE BEST. They totally are. Oh, and Sarah? Elizabeth's mom? She's right there in the middle of the female mix. This family has so much fun together no matter what they are doing. So much laughter! Just the way things should be! I'm writing the memo immediately that says they have to take me on all family vacations/girl's trips, and yes, Grandpa, I wanna go to Disney World.

I had plenty of time to play in the light of a window with these AMAZING shoes Elizabeth chose. Isn't this just the coolest! I immediately had to show it off the second I grabbed it. LOVE THIS!!!!!

This headpiece was worn in Kathleen's wedding to Reece. I think it will be worn in Amanda's as well. Poor dad, 3 girls getting married less than 2 years apart. Holy Smokes! I'm not sure I could survive. And on a side note, since I'm booked for Amanda's and can't be a part of the BIG day, hello San Antonio photographer? (Where Amanda's getting married.) You can thank me later because you will LOVE her wedding! I'm thinking a box of chocolates perhaps in the mail? That will do.

.I love this photo below of Elizabeth. She was totally enjoying her day with her girls! No stress, no nerves, just the way a bride's day should be.

See the one in the middle? Oh, yeah! That's the stud of the day!!!!

Beautiful!They wrote their own vows or at least part of them and instead of reading them, they recited them with the minister's prompting. That's a great idea for couples getting married that feel they may not be able to handle the reading of the vows. They were simple, sweet. I can't really listen when I'm working. I'm thinking about angles and how far into this candle arrangement my ass was and I squished into the wall to get this shot of Elizabeth's face. I'm so glad I squished. :)

The kiss!!!!And the happy couple!

photographer's note: The shot below I feel is so classic! I used a nostalgic action on much of the editing of this sneak peek. When I edit a wedding or session or anything, I try and edit with the client's style, and my style in mind. I won't comporomise mine, but part of spending the weekend with them definitely rubs off on me and I think of them while I edit.

I just love the feel of this image below!

And this one! By far my favorite of the day! Garrett looks so dang proud, like "yeah, see that girl in white? Yeah, I snagged that! It's mine!" And Elizabeth just looks plain STUNNING. Nice job you two. :)

Long time blog readers may remember Molly + Stephen's wedding. Elizabeth found a photo of the cake on my blog and gave it to her cake person. I think they did a fantastic job! I've always LOVED this cake for it's elegant beauty. Not overdone, but oh so grand!

I couldn't get over how tall Mason had gotten since Kathleen's wedding just a few months ago! He was official light holder during the first dance sequence. He did AWESOME! Okay, bride's getting married, if you are searching for a wedding band, THE WEDDING BAND of all WEDDING BANDS, look no further than The Special Edition Band. They totally ROCK. I've heard twice now and am so dang impressed by how they handle themselves, how they work the crowd, how they can play and ROCK THE HOUSE OUT!

Here's Elizabeth, who yes, teaches music, but HELLO! The girl can sing! And she knew every lyric to "All the Single Ladies". IMPRESSED!

Okay, so yes you can find funny video's on AFV of couples smashing cake into people's faces. And yes, a few have done so at weddings I've worked.


But I never in a million years would have pegged these two! I think they surprised themselves. I heard during the cutting of the cake, a few guys to the right of Garrett, suggesting that he do something with the cake, but guys suggest it all the time. They don't act on it. I just kept clicking away and LMBO as I was just as shocked!

Okay, hair change. One of the benefits of bringing your stylist to the wedding. After the cake was smashed into her skull, Elizabeth went with a quick updo which worked out great for the dancing your ass off part of her wedding!

See little Roxy at the bottom of this image? She heard the band leader tell the girls to get their arms up and ready, and by gosh! She was ready! And still ready way after the toss! Too cute!

Cameron, the groom's bro was definitely one of the most competitive garter grabbers EVER! Wonderful weekend!



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Oh, and if you'd like to watch a slideshow I made just for Garrett + Elizabeth, CLICK HERE. And for the REST of the sneak peek, CLICK HERE. It is password protected, bride and groom's last names, lowercase, smushed together. For example, if Jane Doe married John Smith, doesmith.