simple shots | lubbock wedding photographer

Such simple shots. Easily captured, and to most people, they probably don't draw them in emotionally. But to the bride that wears that ring and wore that dress, the mean EVERYTHING. It's so important when I edit photographs, to put myself in the shoes of the bride. I think about if I was her, would I want that shot? Sometimes you find shots that aren't strong compositionally, or technically correct. Maybe you exposed it wrong, but before you trash it. Before you decide, look through HER eyes and decide. Maybe that person with their eyes closed hugging her is someone vitally important? Who cares if her hair is blowing in her face. Now of course, I'm going to choose the STRONGEST photos to tell her story. I mean, how many images do you need of her putting on her veil? I certainly don't want to overwhelm someone, but the dancing photo? I have several from that time at their reception, and many more beautifully lit as they swayed on the dance floor, but this one spoke to me. He's leaning in. Touching his head to hear. Possibly to hear her speak? Maybe to laugh together and what they are discussing? Who knows? And that touch on her back? How graceful is that?

simple shots