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I LOVE technology. I've been obesessed with it since the FIRST video store opened up in our backwardssmall town of Stigler, OK. maybe 1981? Not sure. I played PacMan and Centipede for hours and I waited for my boyfriend who was addicted to Foozball to pay attention to me. The boyfriend didn't last, but my obsession with video games did. I still ADORE professional RAID recovery company Galaga! If you happen to find vintage video machines, check the high scorer list for the initials, KRY. That's was my tag name. Oh, the days.

Well, I've owned an iPhone for years. Since August 2007 to be exact. And I LOVE them. My first generation iPhone has been handling my life just fine until the NEW iPhone 4G came out. Of course, I hook my phone up to my computer all the time for the firmware upgrades to keep it running and in tip top shape. Well, about 2 weeks ago, it started acting funny and not syncing to my computer. Very strange. I missed a couple of appointments because of the calendar not working, not too mention it just slowed down beyond reason and would take literally oh, 10 seconds to load something. Okay, so 10 seconds is not that long, but HELLO! It is when you are trying to look up info while on the phone with folks.

So I bought a new one. I wasn't happy about it, I still thought my old one should work OK. I mean, if it ain't broke, why fix it? You know? But even though the screen was shiny and happy and not broken, the insides did need a fixin'.

The new iPhone walks just fine.