Oh, yeah…bring on the basketball! | lubbock wedding photographer

I love girl's BB. No. Let me rephrase that, I ADORE girl's basketball. First of all, the game moves fast. Very fast. It's a physical contact sport that regardless of your height, although it does help to be tall, it's more about stamina, quick thinking, and skill.

I played growing up, my mom did, my dad, boy's that is, and we all enjoy watching it. Thank the Lord my girls love it too! And they play! and they play well! It's a good day when you have Girl's BB to watch. :)

Saturday, Lady Pirates scrimmaged over in Slaton. Here's a few from the day. Don't forget, there's always more on the Pirate Gallery.


And check out who Slaton Tigers get to have lunch with everyday. HELLO! I sooooo wanted my picture taken with him, but Devin said no. Dang.