Allison + Ryan, a wedding

Finally! Oh, how you've been waiting, I'm sure, but my blog wouldn't let me upload photos the last couple of days so I've been sitting on this sneak peek. And what a sneak peek it is!

Allison and Ryan were married this past Saturday. Linda Schilberg 2nd shot with me on this gig, THANKYOU! And I'll let you know which shots are hers. I have to brag, because she came through in a HUGE way. Plus, she's dating one of the groomsmen, so HELLO! Talk about an inside gig. LOL

I started the day with the girls, but got to meet Ryan at the golf course and made some mad shots of his pro golfing skillz. Right Ryan?

And then, I met the girls at the salon. Complete coverage is so simple. It really is. I know many photographers always ask me about how can I stand to be there all day. But seriously, for the most part, the morning is relaxing as it is for the couples. It's not crazy insane until the crunch hours start. So, I'd rather just be there, documenting their day instead of having folks check their watches to make sure they don't have to pay the photographer overtime. It works for me and my personality, and in 10+ years of doing this, I love it. I average 8-10 hours per wedding day, and YES, I'm exhausted on Sunday. But the details and the "getting to know" everyone, pay off in a big way for me and the couples.Some Zumba in the bride's room.The beautiful bride!Gotta love a fancy shoe like this! BLING!Allison's dad and her are adorable together. You'll see some more shots in just a bit, but I stayed back with the two of them right before her walk down the aisle. Such great moments! Here's one of Dad giving Allison and "thumbs up" after seeing her in her gown! LOVE IT!

Linda was put on Groom Patrol for the day! LOVE this one she got of Ryan shaving for his big day!And this one of him getting ready. Sometimes you need an encouraging hand.Allison and Ryan had a "First Look" due to time restraints of the ceremony and reception. ALL formal photographs were taken BEFORE the wedding. Here he is turning to see her for their first look.

This pretty much sums up the ENTRIE day with this couple. LOTS of laughter and good times!This bouquet smelled AMAZING!

It's important to brush up on your sign language for quiet times during the ceremony. Right girls?During a prayer before the ceremony.

LOVE THIS!See? Aren't they adorable together?This one and the one before are Linda's. BEAMING!

Linda'sLinda's on the left, me on the right. Kinda cool to get 2 perspectives of this AMAZING cake! I need to start rating the cakes I taste at weddings on a scale of 1-5 stars. Alright? gosh, what if I ever get a 1? Will I share? No worries on this one, it's a 5!!! For sure! Very light and creamy and moist and just the right touch of lemon and non sticky frosting. LOVED IT!Okay, FAMILY. Paybacks are coming. I'm just warning you now. Let's swap our schedules so I'll know where you will be celebrating next. LOL I had an awesome time everyone! You can view the FULL sneak peek by clicking HERE.