the one with a bridal in Horseshoe Bay

I flew private for the first time. And I would by lying if I told you I wasn't nervous. I had a bad small plane flying expeirence several years ago and decided roller coasters would be the most thrilling thing I'd ride ever again. But I must confess, after flying today in a small plane, it was great! Something about driving up, not removing your shoes for security, and getting somewhere QUICK, was just so dang nice. I'm spoiled now forever.

Alicia is a beautiful bride that hardly broke a sweat in our 90+ weather. She had her heart set on marrying here once her and Seth got engaged, but the resort was booked through 2010 and she didn't want to wait forever, so it made perfect sense to shoot her bridals there. I'm glad we did! Both for the flight AND the beautiful bride! Special shout outs to Leslie, Alisha's cousin and her mom for a wonderful time.

You can view the rest of her bridal by clicking HERE.


Before take-off. I thought Leslie's glasses were super cool reflecting the plane's windows.

My view!

Photo above was taken on the dock of Alisha's lake home. I LOVE the lace on her dress! Just LOVE!