Ellie, a bridal in Westlake, Texas

I have THE best weddings coming up of my life! Just yesterday, I met with a bride for Pagosa Springs, CO and I'm crossing my fingers, hoping like mad I get to go! 50 guests, on a mountain, in the snow (ceremony indoors) but still! I'm so excited about my camera and where's it taking me. Thursday, it took me to Westlake, a beautiful hotel there and an abandoned barn down the road to photograph Ellie's bridal session. AND BONUS!!! She wore a Melissa Sweet gown, which is one of my favorite wedding gown designers. Her gowns are simple, sweet and so easy to photograph. Something about them just speaks to me.

You can view the complete gallery by CLICKING HERE. It's just a sneak peek for now, but I'll have the rest up very soon so you can choose your favorite. And Ellie? You did AMAZING. I know I told you Naomi Watts and Kate Bosworth, but now, it's totally you and you alone with those eyes, baby. Justin will melt. And not from the heat of getting married in July! HA!