Drum Roll Please

Yes, finally!!! You guys have been so patient with my technical issues, thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!! I printed out all the entries and made a grading sheet and went through them one by one. It wasn't too difficult as the first one got EVERYBODY! Including me. I never guessed "Pick up Litter", but it was!!!! Most of you guess pick up - bed, which is what I guessed, too. I was getting really worried as the entries came in and no one had guesses it!!! What if no one did, I told my kids. But then Melody McKee emailed me, and her's were ALL CORRECT! Woo HOO!!!!! Way to go Melody!!! And just look below at the cute, adorable photo she submitted!!!

Love it, Melody!!!

So now with 5 entries totally correct, what to do? Do I simply take the FIRST one entered and give the prize to them? Do I put all their names into a hat and draw them that way? Do I let you vote on your favorite image from what they submitted and choose the winner that way?

Gosh, decisions, decisions. What to do?

Quickly, here are the answers to the contest for those of you wondering.

  1. pick up litter
  2. daylight savings time
  3. keep your eye on the ball
  4. sharp as a tack
  5. when it's springtime in the rockies
  6. don't spill the beans
  7. you have a lot at stake
  8. erie canal
  9. bargain basement
  10. a narrow escape
  11. no one knows for sure
  12. I wouldn't bet on it

And how cool is it that 2 are previous brides of mine? HOW COOL!?!?!?!

And the winners:

Libby Hall from Lubbock, Texas

Janet Pierce from Childress, Texas

Kathleen Traweek from Rowena, Texas

Emily Alexander from Dallas, Texas

Melody McKee from Lubbock, Texas

I'm so stinking happy for all 5, I'm not sure what to do?

I think I'll sleep on it and let you know in the morning. How exciting!!!

Stay tuned...