Okay, trying this again! For those of you finding this blog and post for the first time, here's what's happening!

I'm giving away ONE FREE PORTRAIT SESSION in celebration of my new blog and website! Which seems kind of comical considering it CRASHED just few days after it launched. But that's besides the point. So, here I am again, posting the rules to this contest and explaining just what to do.

Well our family LOVES Texas Road House! And when we go we drink Lonestar Beers and try and decipher the bottle cap puzzles. It's so much fun and helps speed the time between giving our order and receiving it. I've been collecting a few from our last trip. YES, we drank 12 beers. LOL But there were 4 adults, so that doesn't seem too severe. I think the waitress gave us a few extra too as well. Yep. She did, I'm sure.

Here's how to win!

First, go HERE and keep that tab open. It's an entry form that you can fill out as you look at the images and make your guesses.

A few rules.

  • You must enter by submitting the form.
  • Please include a jpg as well so when you win, I can share your photo with the world!
  • The contest ENDS Saturday night, June 5th @ midnight. If I receive your submission Sunday, I'm sorry, but I'll have to delete it.
  • In case of more than one correct entry, a winner will be decided by a jpg vote. In other words, I'll post your picture and folks can vote. Does that sound OK?
  • The winner will be announced Sunday, June 6th at some point. Not sure when, because my youngest is going to DC on Monday and I have to pack her up, so, it may be late that night.
  • FREE means FREE. That's right, I photograph your family, your brother, your dog or baby, WHATEVER for FREE. You'll get photographic time and FREE online gallery.

That's it! Good Luck everyone and I hope you win!!!