THE ONE WITH THE LCHS Awards Ceremony 2010

Check out the fashion show! Beautiful girls, I'm telling you! Last night, Cooper HS held their awards ceremony in the PAC, which is a wonderful place. It was a packed house and even though they didn't announce "Top of Class" for Juniors and below, it was still an entertaining evening. They did announce a few things and I took a few pictures.

Lots of hugs and tears last night and I had great seats, except for the big head in front of me, but hey, I'd have to be on the front row to avoid that and then we may be getting underwear shots with all the short dresses, so no. I had a good seat. :)

One complaint, please leave the photo of my kid up just a bit longer so when I take her picture accepting her awards, it's her on the screen.

complain over.

We have 2 teachers retiring and by the sound of things in the audience, they are well loved.

Mr. Dykes

Mrs. Stafford

(please someone leave a comment if I got their names wrong.)

One of my FAVORITE human beings on the planet, Mrs. West. I don't remember what award she received, but this lady is a hoot! And she knows her stuff!!! I"m sure that's what the award was, the "Hoot Stuff" award! LOL

Coach Sexton received the Favorite Teacher Award. It's voted on by the students, so this is cool.

The Vines Family was there last night to present the Kelsey Vines Memorial Scholarship. It was a very emotional moment and tears were all over that room! Mr. Vines chocked up a time or two, but he handled himself very well and gave the 2 scholarships to Tonya Becker and Bethany Boyd. Congratulations girls!

You can see Kayla, Kelsey's twin, ROCKIN' the new bangs!

Then they announced the nominations for Mr. and Miss CHS. It was pretty cool how this year they played previously recorded speeches prepared by each candidate. Very cool. I enjoyed this!

Bethany Boyd

Katie Woolam

Raelan Wright

Ashley Parr

Poma GT

I don't remember all the guys, but Blane Kitten and Ryan Heinrich were out of town at Nationals for Land Judging. HELLO! Nationals? How cool is that?

Katie, you are totally cute as a button. So fun when you pumped your fist about softball! LOVED that part!

The Lovely Raelan was just squirming up there. Beautiful girl, uncomfortable in front of crowds, but give the girl a ball on the court and it's a different story. :)

Cute moment when they announced, Poma GT as Miss CHS!

And the PAC is rocking some way cool furniture this year! This is G-ma on the couch. Isn't it cool?

And my beautiful girl sporting her bandage from her softball injury, which is healing very nicely by the way. They play Midland Greenwood Friday night over at Lubbock High for the playoffs. GO LADY PIRATES! She's in the top 10% of her class!!! WE are very proud, Miss Marie!