The one with Kathleen + Reece, a wedding at First Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas

Oh, I have so much to show you. Too much really. Toni and I photographed Kathleen and Reece's wedding Saturday night and yes, we have slutty shutter finger syndrome. I grabbed over 300 images for just the sneak peek!!! OM gosh!!! Just to put that into perspective, I normally grab maybe 200. So, YIPES! It's taken me just a bit to get this sneak peek to you. I'm thrilled with the images though. I love having 2nds on hand to shoot with because you get two perspectives, two angles. Of course, you also get twice as many images to pour through. But that's a good thing.

Kathleen + Reece have been best friends since Junior High. Reece's dad gave a wonderful little toast at the rehearsal dinner that was very charming. Kathleen was always in Reece's dialogue. She still is. Several relatives commented on how the are not sure when it became more than friends. But it did. And here we are, celebrating in Abilene.

The church holds special meaning to the bride's family. Her grandfather was in charge of the remodel and saw two of his daughters get married in this church. Even built the center stairs for one daughter. Kathleen's mother's wedding pictures were on display at the rehearsal and it does not even look like the same church. I have to say, First Baptist Church in Abilene is one of the prettiest I've ever been in. Just a gorgeous church! And I've been in some amazing places across our country.

Houghton Memorial Chapel on Wellsley Campus in Boston

Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, New Orleans

Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon, Los Angeles, CA

Just to name a few. I'll see if I can dig up some images later. But for now, I HAVE to share these images! Toni and I had so much fun documenting their day for them! I was glad she was there, as I finally have a few images of myself during the day other than making a fool on the dance floor.

When you have two shooters. which Kathleen added to her photographic coverage, one hangs with the girls all day, and the other with the boys. I spent the morning at the country club with some good black coffee and some delicious food. Toni? Playing golf with the gusy. LOL

Kathleen's family had rented some houses in town as this was a "destination wedding" for everyone. The families are from Midland. It was great to have a home to chill out at while waiting for the day to commence. Here's Elizabeth, who's wedding I get to photograph this fall, and her Poppy. They were just enjoying the morning together before we left for the church. The guys had a house as well. They used

Sayles Ranch Guesthouses

and each are fully decorated and just amazing to see! So much detail and care went into the decorating. A couple of complaints about the water pressure and the nesting robins. Right, Amanda? They were robins that attacked. LOL

Kathleen's dress was AMAZING! Toni and I had to take it on a tour of the church for it's portrait. Yep. ALL wedding dresses deserve their own portrait, and Kathleen's was no exception. LOVED the bling with feathers on the bodice! Too fun!

YES! I would have said yes too! There's another shot on their wedding gallery with the band as well. Beautiful ring.

Kathleen's attire was very romantic. Her hair piece was tied in with a satin ribbon and her hair was styled very soft and romantic. Perfect, I thought for her personality and the DRESS! She also chose not to wear her veil for the portraits before the ceremony and just wore it during the family formals AFTER the ceremony. Wise choice considering how long it was. Remember girls, it's your day, your way, so do what you want and ENJOY it!

Toni grabbed this shot above and I adore it! Too cute! Guys with bowties and suspenders are my fav! I love how they look all day, with or without their jackets. :)

Beautiful bride's bouquet featuring a handkerchief angel from the bride's grandmother. That was her something old.

Me trying some awful stain lipstick. Girls, talk to me about some lip color that can last through a wedding. I've tried several and always end up with just the liner and some funky crap in the creases of the corner of my mouth. What works for you? Share and let me know so I won't go around looking like this again. HELLO! Can you say old white american geisha girl? Yeah, I had that vibe going. UGH...

Children at weddings are adorably fun and unpredictable. These were actual princesses for the day! And a race car driver instead of ring bearer. SHHHH...they had no real idea, but it worked. They all made it down the aisle! SUPER job, kids! And just look at all those adorable faces!!!! I'm in LOVE.

Beautiful church, there's no denying it. This was taken moments before Kathleen made her way down the aisle.

LOVE this shot that Toni nabbed of Kathleen making her way to meet her dad at the bottom. LOVE IT!!!!

Too cute. These two were waiting to hear for the music that would announce their walk. Definitely a nervous time, but check out the next one. PURE JOY!

Another plus for 2nd shooter coverage. Many times, in large churches I can't physically move from point A to point B. There's just not enough time, and many churches do not allow the photographer to move around and about. But with Toni on one side and me on the other, we could get their faces during the most important part of their day. THE VOWS. I love the look on Reece's face I got above, and then the one that follows, Toni captured of Kathleen.


Mr. and Mrs. Reece Cook!!!!!

I still love the first dance! It has to be my favorite part of the reception. Here they are, the couple on display for EVERYONE trying to hold it together long enough to complete a song. They did perfect together, but it's sort of hard, the display part. I love the feel of the image above. Such a great moment. We have no idea of the words spoken, but they will remember, and every time they look back at this moment, they'll remember again and again. That's why I love still images. LOVE THEM.

Okay, these children rarely left the dance floor. They boogied and hugged and fell down all night! Much like the rest of the wedding party! LOL

What reception isn't complete without THRILLER and an air guitar.

Reece grabbed a quick one of me and Kathleen. I think I'll start doing this every wedding. I like it. Of course he only took 200 once he got my camera in his hands, but hey. I'm documented well.

This series cracks me up. As do most things Reece does! We went out side for a moment and grabbed the earlier shot of their initials on the ground and them, and then I told the couple to go and dance in the middle. HA! This is a testament to their spirits that night! LOL This is how Reece and Kathleen do it!!!

Girls Gone Wild in Abilene!!!

And Reece gone wild in Abilene! LOL

LOVE LOVE LOVE the image above. They shared a last dance and the look on Kathleen's face just melts my heart. I love it! And then Reece next. Despite the laughs and the "wild moments" this is why couples do it. Go through all the planning and the mess to celebrate just the two of them. Such great moments!

It was a wonderful weekend!!! Congratulations you two and have a fabulous time in San Francisco!!!