Lacie Jacques had an AWESOME game yesterday, but it just wasn't enough. We lost to Midland Greenwood, 5-2. You can read all about it in the



Lonestar Varsity

. Was not a fun thing to read with your coffee in the morning, so I thought I would come in here and blog some photos instead.

I haven't had the chance to take very many photos this year. Well, I've had the chance, but I'm not very good at it. But I need to get better, so yesterday, despite the nerves, or rather in spite of the nerves, I photographed.

The girls played hard, but there were errors, and Kalyn DID NOT have a good game at all. She's way better than that and she had a very tough night. We prayed about it this morning, and no I didn't ask God to help her "knock it out of the park". At least not in front of her! LOL But we asked for PEACE in our heart before taking the plate. We asked that he remove the self doubt so we could get to what we know, and practice and can do. We asked that hard work have a chance to pay off today. And that despite the score, to keep the girls safe, the fans safe.

And then after dropping her off at the bus, I asked him to help her BAM THAT BALL!!! Sports Mamma here in DA HOUSE!!!! LOL

A special shout out to Meagan and Blake for rescheduling their session today so I could go to the games today in Midland. They still have a good shot of winning today! My heart is ALWAYS behind those LADY PIRATES!!!!!



Cheer for the TEAM today!