The one with Cooper vs Greenwood, playing softball again

OH, the joy! To see Midland Cheerleaders up close and personal! I especially LOVE the butt thong in red, drawn in and yes, it did go down the back, so someone had to use a sharpie on this guy and get their hand CLOSE to certain areas. But I admire their spunk and support of their team. But even the naked village people guys were NOT enough for Midland Greenwood. The Lady Pirates WON 2 games yesterday to take the Area Champs Title and I was so glad to be there to snag photos. Just a great day!

Boo was AWESOME! and her dad, even better! GO LADY PIRATES! I love this series of Burt cheering after she hit her double!!!

Kalyn played much better today. She was awesome in the field and even though they called her out at home on this slide (which is NOT a good picture of the call, that was one second before) she hit the ball and was more focused today.

This next shot CRACKS me up.

Of course, Coach got soaked. I wonder if they teach this part of the job in Coaching Class?

His wife was there through the entire day! That's support, however I did notice that she stayed dry. :)

I love you, Lady Pirates!

Next game, Andrews in Synder Friday @ 7 PM BE THERE!!!!