The One where Cooper plays softball with Andrews

Look how happy she is here! I love this shot of Kalyn Marie! She was being introduced at the game in Sundown Saturday. CRAZY busy weekend for the Bednarz family with Summer playing basketball and Kalyn in the playoffs! Plus, I was a nervous wreck! I couldn't watch her bat. I seriously couldn't. I was all worried because of her play last week in Midland. And not because I care one way or the other. I don't. I know that all players strike out. Have bad games. Play poorly. But because I know she beat her self up over it and yes, redeemed her self with some AWESOME defensive playing, but I know she wanted to hit well.

Saturday, she hit well. She was lead batter and first run over the plate. We just couldn't get past the nerves and tried to do too much to win this game. Several errors were made and several good things were done too as well. But the softball Gods gave the win to Andrews, which cut like a knife so bad because we are better than this team. We are. We really are.

I love this team! I know I said that about the basketball team as well, but when you spend this much time photographing these girls and getting into their expressions, faces, words, feelings, you fall in love and want the world for them.

I didn't take a TON of photos. But Steve Conway did and you can view his photos of the game by clicking


. For the Cooper Lady Pirates Softball Gallery,



Until next year...