The one with the Lubbock Cooper Booster Club Athletic Banquet

Remember how crazy busy our weekend has been? Well, the week before was busy as well. And I have a few behind the scenes stories to share. We needed a dress for Kalyn's Awards Banquet and had no time to shop for one. So, enter GRANDMA. She went to Dillards and bought several dresses and styles in Kalyn's size so she could try them all on at home and decide. Kalyn is so busy with softball practice and AAU Basketball, there's been no time to hit the mall. So, that was so cool to have grandma as her "dresser" and be able to have something nice to wear at the Award's Banquet.

Story #2. We came straight from Summer Zoe's game. Her AAU team was playing in the Championship and we didn't have time to run home. Summer was still in her uniform. Athletic Banquet, uniform, cool. But let's sit kind of out of the way so she doesn't feel bad and no one will really see her. Sounds like a good plan, right? FAIL. Completely FAIL. We sat at the end of the table right by the exit that everyone used to go through for the food serving line. EVERYONE SAW HER! Geez, mom, good seats. LOL

Story #3. When softball was on stage, Bunny leaned back and said she loved Kalyn's shoes. I did too! They are Shelley's shoes and Boo was wearing Kalyn's shoes! HA! These girls are so smart! And I'm glad they are the same size. Works great to have a stash of shoes to borrow from.

Story #4. I created a couple of slideshows for my 2 favorite teams and everytime they played the softball one, we all bawled like babies. It's too soon, too fresh from our loss and just plain too sad.

It was a great AWARDS night for the Bednarz Clan, though. We really need to work on our own AWARD. Given to the BEST BEDNARZ. LOL





and next year...Summer Zoe. Am I forgetting anyone?

Kalyn took home a FABULOUS award that she had no idea she was getting.

Basketball, the Hustle Award, voted on by her teammates. BRAVO!!! And in Softball, the Fighting Heart Award, which is AWESOME! Katie got it last year and Kalyn adores Katie. We all do, so it's so dang cool that her name is on it as well.

Bravo to all the winners!!! And thank you, Athletic Boosters, the banquet was wonderful!!!