The one with Courtney + Bryan, a Tahoka, Texas WEDDING!

It's 4:30 AM and I'm typing this to let you know I'm normal. YES! I'm normal. But I was asleep and then remembered I never blogged Courtney and Bryan's wedding and HELLO! How could I forget! So, I scrambled out of bed and came in here to show everyone how wonderful my weekend was.

I loved this wedding!

No, there weren't fancy decorations and amazing food or tons of flowers or anything like that. Many of you know, I'm an emotional JUNKIE. I LOVE seeing people. I like watching them and reading their body language and just the relationships between us all and how we are entwined. It captivates me.

Courtney + Bryan are in love. And being at the wedding at watching them was just pure joy. It really was. From the ceremony and the music and the way everyone was involved, it was just a joyful expeirence! I cried when the unity candle song was sang, or when Stephanie, her sister prayed from her heart for a "blessed marriage" for the couple. There were just too many moments to share here, but it was such a celebration for a home town girl!

OH, and bonus! I got to give Jacob and Georgia hugs!!! They were there celebrating as well. If you want a fun blog to read with lots of wit in her writing, you need to check out Georgia's blog. So much fun!!!


Courtney and Bryan, I hope you are having a wonderful time in Jamaica and I wish you the BEST of WISHES for a wonderful life together!

Oh, almost forgot, there are more images on their sneak peek.


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