The one with Blane, Lubbock Cooper Senior 2010

No way! Tracy and Lori DO NOT have a kid graduating? NO WAY! But they do. They really do. Of course they still have one in diapers, so what does that tell you! YEAH! BUSY BEES!!! LOL

Blane is my definition of a good kid. Now Blane, if you are reading this, this does not mean you can go and ruin my good reputation I'm creating by bragging on you here! OK? DEAL? But he is, folks. He is a good kid. I've known him his ENTIRE life. Tracy and Lori got married the month before us and Kalyn, my oldest is 2 grades behind him, but they are just barely a year apart in age.

But back to the good kid part. And now that I'm thinking about the definition of a "good kid" in my book, anyway, most of my friends have good kids. Wow. We are doing something right peoples! And your parents are still cool, at least in the parent book. I'm sure when you guys are up late at the camp fire at our YEARLY Labor Day Warrior (search it above, i've blogged about it a time or two) you talk about how lame we are and complain about all the rules and regulations. HA, but even so, you have the wool pulled over my eyes, Mr. Kitten, because you are, you are a good kid in my book.

What I think makes up a good kid.

  • He doesn't stay out late drinking. Nope. Instead, he's crusing the aisle's at Walmart looking for cool hats and wild music.
  • He drives reasonably OK and plays cool tunes while he does. Of course, I don't listen to TX Rock nor that CD Swayze, that you had in your ride, but I liked what I heard and you didn't jam it so loud that we couldn't have a conversation. Bonus points in my book! Because this girl? Yeah, waaaaaaaaay too much loud music with Devin in that red pickup so my haring is shot. SHOT I tell you.
  • He loves his baby brother. He really does. He has pictures up around his room of him with Hayes and in fact, Hayes looks so much like Blane when Blane was little. I'm sure, when I'm not around, he refuses to change diapers and I did her him smack talk on Kash a time or two, but it's just for attitude so he doesn't seem like the sweet bro he really is. I can tell. He looks out for them and pitches in to help when he can.
  • He's smart and does his school work. 18th in your class, right Blane? JUST WOW! I'm so impressed! That's not as easy as it seems with a Mom who's a school teacher riding your booty, but you pulled it off! I'm proud. I really am. And I've never helped you even crack a book. But just to say, "I've known Blane forever and he's smart" is cool in my book.
  • He's sweet on girls. WHEW! You never know as kids grow up. They can go one way or the other, but the dude blushed when we talked about his girlfriend. Oh, golly! I can see why she likes him. Don't worry Blane, I won't divulge anything we discussed in the way of romance and woman. Because mainly, we didn't discuss it. HELLO! Too embarrassing. Not for me, of course, but for him. I let you off easy, dude. But next time? The romantic in me needs more details. Come on, I'm a wedding photographer and LIVE off romance!
  • He's very respectful and polite. He really is. He's always been. I've never heard him back talk to him mom or dad. And even though I'm sure he does because HELLO, he's a teenager, he doesn't do it in front of others. And he's friendly and very welcoming every time I shove a lens in his face. Very cool in my book. :)

I've talked enough. I have to get out the door and head to McPhearson's Winery for the Seeds of Hope Dinner tonight. I'll post pictures later. I plan on rockin' it VANITY FAIR STYLE with a bit of West Texas thrown in. LOL

Thanks, Blane. You were super sweet and I LOVE the Walmart hat. Please please take it to A+M, it will fit right in. LOL